Sunday, November 29, 2009

In a Year

June 16th 2009

I sat on my bed, waiting for the results nervously as the timer was clicking slowly. I grasp the pregnancy test, expecting the change, either a pink plus or a minus. I held my breath and closed my eyes as the timer finally went off. I slowly opened one eye and glanced at the test, I gasped with shock. A tiny pink plus was there. I sat still for a moment but on the inside, my heart was beating like crazy. A little over a year after Jed and I have been married, we both decided we wanted to have a baby…

April 18th 2008

“Happy Anniversary” Jed said kissing me on the cheek, as we sat in the sunset, in front of the beach house that I got him as our anniversary present. It was my family’s beach house but since they haven’t been here in a while, they offered it to me.

“Do you like the house?” I asked looking into his hazel eyes.

“Yes! It’s amazing” Jed grinned happily. “Thank you, wife”

“You’re welcome husband” I said softly, putting myself closer to Jed if possible.

We sat in a comfortable silence, listening to the waves crashing against the rocks and watching the peaceful sunset. The sun finally setting as twilight surrounded us.

Jed gently grasped my wrist “You know you’re missing something”

“What?” I gave Jed a confused look, while he just grinned, his perfect grin.

“This” Jed smiled, digging into the pocket of his shirt and pulling out a charm bracelet.

“Jed…” I smiled softly as he put it on my wrist.

“I know it’s not much compared to what you gave me but I hope you like it” Jed said clasping it.

“Of course I love it” I smiled at him playing with the charms, an A, J and crystal heart.

“Good, because I wanna add a charm for every year we’re married” Jed nodded.

“Does that mean you’ll never forget our anniversary?”I asked.

“Yep” Jed smiled back. “Never ever”

“Even if, we’re busy with kids and jobs?” I retorted.

“Yea” Jed smiled. “I could never forget the day that I can call you mine”

I softly smiled looking at the bracelet again. “I love you, you know that?”

“Yes, and I love you too” Jed nodded. “What you said about kids…”

“What about it?” I smiled, hoping he was implying what I think he was.

“Let’s have a baby” Jed plainly stated.

“Really?” I said partially surprised.

“Yea” Jed smiled again. “Starting now”

I grinned as Jed laid me down on the blanket, kissing me softly…

June 16th 2009

“Hey Baby, where are you?” Jed said as I heard him shut the front door.

“Up here” I said wiping away the tears I didn’t know I cried from all the excitement.

I put the test down, putting it all away before Jed could see it.

“There you are” Jed whispered in my ear, kissing my neck as he put his arms around my waist.

“Hi” I giggled; the kisses on my neck still making me laugh after all this time.

“How’s my baby?” Jed said picking me up bridal style, my dark brown hair swaying as he did this.

“Wrong, Jed” I shook my head, laughing slightly.

“What do you mean wrong?” He asked confused, I put my arms around his neck, playing with his hair.

“Babies, Jed, Babies” I grinned happily, Jed stared back at me with a blank expression. I was worried; this was meant to be good news. I made myself stand up while Jed still stared at me with the same look on his face.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” I asked putting my hands on his shoulders.

Jed’s head slowly tilted down towards me. “Of course it is”

I sighed relieved, this is the calmest, I’ve ever seen Jed but I could tell he was about to explode with excitement any minute. Just like that, Jed turned around and hugged me tightly.

“We’re having a baby!!” Jed shouted smiling proudly.

“Yea we are” I smiled back.

Jed swung me around “I love you so much”

“Love you too, Jed” I grinned as he held me tight.

July 12th 2009

“What’s gotten into you?” Jed laughed as I sat in his lap my arms draped on his shoulder.

“I wanted to be close to you” I shrugged as I put my head in the crook of his neck.

Jed rubbed my back with one hand and rubbed my leg with his other hand while he watched the sports channel. I didn’t know why but I started to kiss Jed’s neck, hungry for him.

“Adele” he moaned out while I moved to his ear, nibbling on it slightly.

“I want you” Was all I said before Jed started to kiss me with the same passion.

I wrapped my legs around Jed’s waist still kissing him. Jed lifted me up holding me up while he took me to the bedroom.

Jed laid me down on the bed, where our clothes began to fly everywhere. And soon we were intertwined with each other, becoming one.

I rested by head on Jed’s chest, the only sound was our soft breathing.

“You do know that come out of nowhere” Jed said breaking the silence.

“What did?” I said looking up at him while my arms wrapped around him while he chuckled softly.

“You practically just jumped on me and then this happen” Jed said patting the bed.

I thought about the last few hours “Did you not want this to happen?”

“No! No of course, I loved it, I love you” Jed said hastily while I giggled against his chest.

“Calm down, Jed” I smiled putting a hand through his hair. “I think it’s just the hormones since I’m pregnant” Jed closed his eyes as I continually put my hand in his hair.

“I still can’t believe we’re having a baby” He said finally opening his eyes and looking into mine.

“I know” I said rubbing my tummy, only a very slight bump visible.

“This baby is perfect, you know” Jed smirked pulling me closer to him.

“Oh really?” I smiled back placing light kisses on his chest.

“Yes, this baby’s going to be a genius and be the best looking baby there is” Jed nodded confidently. “Our genes are pretty awesome if I do say so myself”

“Yep, they are” I nodded, laughing at Jed.

“After this baby, we’ll be a family” Jed said softly as my laughter died down. “Then we’ll have more and more kids, a big happy family!”

“How many kids do you plan on having Jed?” I asked in disbelief at his comment.

“At least 8” Jed nodded, jokingly.

“Yea, I was thinking like 16” I shrugged giggling again.

“Well we better get started” Jed said with a lustful gaze and smile as he hovered over me.

“I guess so” I said biting my lip, gently smiling.

Jed kissed me again, once again making love with all the passion we had for each other.

September 21st 2009

“Do you want me to be there?” Jed said stroking my face lightly as we stood by his car as he was about to go to work.

“No, you have to go to work” I shook my head lightly.

“Are you sure? I can just take the day off…”

“Jed, seriously I’ll be fine, you won’t miss anything important” I reassured him, standing on my tiptoes to give him a lingering kiss.

Jed sighed breathlessly. “Okay, but tell me everything”

“I promise” I smiled as he gave me another kiss.

“Bye Honey” Jed said kissing me.

“Bye baby” Jed said kissing my growing belly.

I waved him away and watched his car disappear into the distance. I smiled contently walking back into the house. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I opened my phone and saw a new message.

“I 4got to say I love you xox”

I laughed, Jed was always like that, and he never let me forget how much he loves me.

“I love you too :) have a good day, sweetie”

I was soon waiting in the doctor’s office after completing all the tests that Dr. Wilson had me do for my check up.

“Adele” He said as he walked into the room looking at a file.

“What’s the news?” I said pulling my sleeve as I watched his worried expression when he sat down.

He sighed and looked me in the eye. “How do you feel?”

“Good, I guess, maybe a bit breathless sometimes” I replied confused.

“From the tests, we think that you might have some breathing and heart problems” He said with concern. “This could develop into something more life threatening”

I was slightly taken back by it. “Is there anyway to fix it?” I tried to sound calm but I was panicking. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my baby.

“We suspect that this is because of the baby, your heart and lungs can’t handle working for the two of you” He said with a calm tone but his eyes looked pained. “The only thing I can recommend that will keep you alive is to abort the baby, and with this in mind, you might not be able to have kids afterwards”

I shook my head furiously. “No, no, I won’t let you”

“It’s the only option, if you don’t your chances of surviving the birth are slim to none” He told me.

“I’ll take those chances” I said holding back the tears.

“Okay” he sighed. “We’ll do some more checks to confirm it and we’ll work out a strategy from there”

I nodded, the tears seeping out. How could I tell Jed that it was my life or the baby’s?

“I have another appointment” He said abruptly. “I’m sorry”

I sat alone in the room, pulling my knees to my chest while I silently cried them away. I was praying that I’d be able to get through this.

It was nighttime, I’d spent the day walking around the park. I knew I shouldn’t because it would tire me out more but I needed to think. I needed to just get away from it all. When I finally arrived home, Jed was in one of the bedrooms.

“Hey” I said quietly leaning against the doorframe.

“Hi” Jed smiled looking up from his spot on the ground. “I was wondering where you were”

“Sorry, I was just walking around and I lost track of time” I said rubbing my forehead.

Jed stood up and caressed my face so softly as if I’d break under his touch. “It’s alright, I’m just glad you’re both okay”

My eyes started to tear up as I looked into Jed’s hazel eyes.

“What’s wrong, baby?”He said brushing away the tears that had fallen.

“Hormones” I replied dryly.

“Okay” He nodded. “Look what I’ve drawn up”

Jed guided me in centre of the room. “I wanted this room to be our baby’s room and I’ve made some designs”

He passed me a large sheet of paper, Jed was always an amazing artist, and it was one of the reasons why he decided to be an architect. The drawing was perfect, he drew from every angle and it was spectacular.

“Jed, it’s perfect” I truthfully said.

“It’s lacking some color but I’ll make it really colorful and bright” Jed nodded. “I don’t want to know what gender the baby is, so I have to be boy and girl neutral”

“I don’t want to know either” I smiled, Jed was planning ahead for our baby, I loved it, even if I won’t be here, I knew Jed would be a great dad.

“But to be perfectly honest, I can tell it’s going to be a boy” Jed smirked putting his hands on my stomach.

“Oh really” I smirked back as Jed stood closer.

“Yep” Jed said putting his lips onto mine.

“Love you Jed” I said as I pulled away and put my head on his chest.

“Love you too, Ade” Jed said kissing my head.

We just stood there for a moment, my hands feeling Jed’s back while he lightly touched mine. My tummy grumbled furiously, I could tell Jed heard it as well because I felt his smirk on my head.

“Are you and the baby hungry?” Jed said a smile playing on his face.

I nodded biting my lip, slightly embarrassed.

“Come on, I made some spaghetti before” Jed said holding my hand taking me to the kitchen.

These are the some of the moments I could never forget, the memories that I could never let go.

October 8th 2009

“There they are” The ultra sound technician said pointing at the screen. Jed and I were having our first ultra sound.

“They?” Jed asked with the same curiosity I had.

“There’s two heart beats” She smiled “You’re having twins”

My heart stopped for a moment and I was left feeling breathless. I didn’t know if it was from the news or my condition.

“I’ll leave you two for a while” The ultra sound lady said leaving the room.

“Jed” I said looking at him with teary eyes. “Twins”

He smiled back holding my hands. “The more the merrier”

“This is amazing” I laughed, the tears falling down my face. “We’ve got a lot on our hands now”

“Yea, you know that I couldn’t do anything without you” Jed said kissing my hand.

I felt my heart break a little, if my condition did mean I’d die, I knew that Jed would breakdown. “I feel the same way”

“I don’t even know how I got with someone as incredible as you” Jed said looking into my eyes.

“Me? With all those girls after you, I didn’t think I’d stand a chance” A small smile playing on my face as I said that.

January 29th 2002

I walked aimlessly around the university campus; it was larger than I thought it would be. It was the first day and I was trying to find my dorm room. I just entered the common grounds where most students who were settled in, were relaxing. It was like a park, only there were no children or kids around to make too much noise. I followed the map and made my way across the grounds, I turned my head as I heard loud laughing in the quiet scenery.

At the statue in the middle of the grounds, girls were laughing as they surrounded one guy. From what I could see he was playing on the guitar, charming all those girls with his bright smile, his dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I rolled my eyes, he was just another guy trying to get girls anyway he can. I continued on, looking around at the building, it was meant to be the dorms but it was a science building. I turned around about to search for the dorms till I crashed into someone.

“I’m so sorry” He said bending down to pick up my books and my back pack.

I bent down as well picking up everything else. “No, its okay”

I finally looked up at the guy, it was the guy by the statue, he was only a little bit taller then me and carried his guitar on his back.

“Thanks” I mumbled, walking away from him.

“Hey you look lost, do you want some help?” He said grabbing my elbow.

I sighed, I really did need the help and if he was offering why not? “Um, yea, I’m looking for this dorm room”

He took the map from me as I pointed to where my room was. He smirked as he looked at the map.

“That’s where my baby sister is” He smiled taking my hand “I’ll show you where it is”

I could feel myself blushing as he took my hand his hand was so warm it felt nice.

“I’m Jed by the way” He said looking back at me.

“Adele” Was all I said feeling his thumb rubbing small circles on the back of my hand.

We finally arrived at the dorm, Jed talked for most of it while I nodded, he asked me a few questions but I only answered with one syllable words. He told me that he was in his 2nd last year at university and his sister was in her first year like me. When I said I was a freshman, he smiled and said “Don’t worry, I promise, I’ll be here if you ever need any help” I felt comforted by it, I could tell Jed was a nice guy and that he’d keep his promise.

“Hey sis, miss me?” Jed smirked opening the door and leaning against the door frame.

A girl that looked similar to Jed looked back at use; she was beautiful, curvy and had deep brown eyes.

“What do you want, Jed?” She said jumping off the bed, standing in front of Jed.

She took a quick look at me then back and forth between Jed and me. I pulled my hand away and I could feel that Jed was gazing down at me, slightly disappointed.

“Honey, you’re beautiful, don’t fall for my brothers so called charms, you could do so much better” She said looking directly at me, smirking.

“Hey, I’m right here!” Jed exclaimed, grinning. “But unfortunately, she’s not with me”

I blushed at the comment finding interest in my feet.

“Adele here is your new room mate, Kaylie” Jed explained, I glanced at Jed’s face and saw him give me a quick wink, my heart leaped, there was just something about this guy…

“Nice to meet you” Kaylie said smiling “Come on in roomie”

“Thanks” I said returned her smile and entered the room.

“No thank you?” I heard a voice say from behind me then realized it was Jed.

I turned and saw his smirking face, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “Thanks Jed” I said as I dropped my books on the bed opposite to Kaylie’s.

“No worries, I’m off” Jed said still smirking, he turned about to leave then suddenly stopped.

“But first, just a goodbye hug to my new friend” Jed walked up to me, wrapping his arms around me holding me close, I hugged back but it was almost like I didn’t want to let go but I eventually did.

“Ladies” Jed said bowing before winking at me once again, I bit my lip instinctually then looked away.

“Just leave already Jed” Kaylie said rolling her eyes, obviously annoyed.

“I love you too, baby sister” Jed mocked her walking out of the room, turning the corner. “Laters”

“Finally” Kaylie said sighing in relief. “I thought he’d never leave”

“By the way” Jed’s loud voice scared both Kaylie and I, jumping at the sound of it. “I’ll be visiting more often”

Jed once again winked at me, while I turned away as if nothing happened.

I could see Kaylie looking between the now empty door frame and I like she did only a few minutes ago.

“Do you like my brother?” Kaylie said playfully watching as I unpacked my suitcase which was already in the room.

I stood up and turned my back to her pulling out my clothes. “I don’t know” I mumbled quietly.

“Come on, it’s a yes or no question” She said standing up and watching my face. “Do you like him or not?”

“Yes” I sighed out, Kaylie began to scream loudly, I had to cover my eyes because they were hurting that much.

“Oh my gosh!” She yelled out.

“You’re not gonna tell him are you?” I said going face to face to her, trying to hide my anxious tone.

“No! Of course not” Kaylie said smiling. “I can tell he likes you too”

My mind went blank for a moment. “Huh? What?”

Kaylie giggled. “Jed likes you as well”

“You don’t know that” I said shaking my head, my dark hair going everywhere.

“Would I lie to you?” Kaylie said putting an arm around me.

“We only met like 3 minutes ago…so maybe” I joked.

“No!” Kaylie said grinning. “I wouldn’t lie to a friend”

I smiled softly. “Thanks”

“No problem” she said walking over to her suit case.

I sat on my bed for a moment. “So you really think he likes me too?”

“Certain of it” She smiled back before organizing her things.

I bit my lip happily, what a great first day.

October 27th 2009

“Are you alright?” Jed asked peering into the kitchen were I was making dinner for everyone. Tonight was the night we were about to announce that we were having babies, more importantly twins.

“Yea, I’m fine” I said wiping my brow, I was feeling weak and tired but I didn’t want to worry about it.

Jed walked over to me putting a hand on my shoulder and belly rubbing small circles with each hand. “You look a bit pale. You should rest for a bit”

“Jed, I’ll be okay, just let me finish this” I said reassuring him.

“You can finish it in a few minutes, let’s tell everyone the good news” Jed smiled putting a hand out my waist guiding me over to the guests.

“Everyone!” Jed shouted over, our family and friends.

“We have some news to tell you all” Jed gave everyone a toothy simile, the room was silent with only the background music playing.

“I’m pregnant” I said.

“She’s pregnant with twins” Jed smiled proudly, pulling me in closer.

Everyone gasped and awed making their way towards us.

“So you knocked my kid sister up” My older brother Oliver said playfully shoving Jed in the shoulder.

“Ollie!” I said “Don’t be mean”

“You know I’m looking out for you, Ade” Ollie said giving me a big bear hug.

“Thanks” I smiled.

Over Ollie’s shoulder, I could see Jed smiling then made his way to his parents who gave him hugs. As Ollie let me go, Kaylie pulled me away from him.

“You’re totally doing my brother” She said with a smirk.

“Kay!” I shouted her nickname.

“Well you are!” She grinned.

“Is she being mean again, Adele?” Kaylie’s boyfriend, Jack said putting his arms around her waist.

“Yes” I pouted.

“Hey! I was not…I was just stating the truth” Kaylie smirked while I rolled my eyes at her.

“Whatever” I said walking over to Jed’s parents, Wendy and Chris putting a hand on Jed’s shoulder.

“Oh Adele, Congratulations!” Wendy said giving me a small hug.

“Thanks, Wendy” I smiled holding my belly, I was feeling slightly breathless and tired because of everything, I needed to calm down.

“Are you okay?” Jed said putting his hands around my waist.

“I’m just a bit tired, I’m just going to check on dinner” I nodded kissing his cheek.

“Okay” Jed softly said. “I love you”

“Love you too Jed”

I slowly made my way to the kitchen, I was exhausted, and I knew I just needed some rest. I pulled out the roast from the oven, wobbling under its weight.

“Whoa, don’t tire yourself out there, Ade” Kaylie said as she helped me put the roast on the counter.

“Thanks, Kaylie” I huffed wiping the sweat on my brow.

“Are you okay?” She said with concern putting her drink down. I didn’t know whether to tell her about my condition, she’s my best friend. But how can I tell her when I can’t even tell the love of my life?

“Yea, tired” I said leaning against the counter again.

“Look I don’t think anyone will blame you if you wanna go to bed now” Kaylie said mixing the salad in a bowl.

“I’m not going to bed yet! It’s only about 8” I replied. “Anyways I have to put out dinner”

“I’ll help” Kaylie said carrying the roast.

“Thanks” I said softly picking up the salad bowl.

“What are best friends for?” She smiled.

I smiled softly, everyone soon gathered into the dining area, and it was perfect. The small bickering over silly things, the way Jed holds my hand under the table like some forbidden romance and the smiles of the ones I loved. The way Jed would occasionally glance at me as he sat at the head of the table made me blush, stills makes me blush.

December 24th 2004

I walked into a small dimly lit park into an open space while tall trees covered with a white layer, surrounded me. I was in New York with Kaylie’s family for Christmas, my parents were always working and barely had any time for the holidays, so Kaylie offered to me a trip with her and her family.

Jed asked me to meet him here on Christmas Eve. Spending the holidays with him and Kaylie was so much fun, it’s my 2nd year of college and Kaylie and Jed were my best friends.

I looked around searching for Jed but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I held my coat closer and sat myself on a nearby bench.

I closed my eyes and listened softly at the hum of Christmas carols. They were playing, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, I sang softly while rubbing my hands together.

“Did you know you have an amazing voice?” Jed said walking into my view, grinning.

“You’re late” I pouted.

“I’m sorry…I had to fix something” Jed said softly taking a spot next to me.

“So why did you want to meet here?” I said holding my coat.

“Well I wanted to spend sometime, just the two of us” He shrugged casually.

“What do you mean?” I said holding in a small. “We’ve spent plenty of time together”

“When you’re not with Kaylie, you’re looking at my baby pictures with my mom, when you’re not doing that, you’re helping her with dinner, when you’re not doing that, you’re …” I stopped Jed before he could go on.

“Okay I get it” I smiled.

“Yea, what are we Adele?” Jed asked looking at me with his intense hazel eyes.

“What? I don’t get it” I said, it was one of my clueless moments that I had every once in a while.

“Are we friends?” Jed asked edging closer, making my heart race.

“Of course” I nodded.

“Anything else?” Jed said arching an eyebrow.

I bit my lip, a nervous habit when I didn’t want to answer a question. “I don’t know you tell me”

“Well to be perfectly honest, I want to be something more” Jed said watching for my reaction.

“Like what?” I said slightly scared and excited by all of this.

Jed clapped his hands a few times then it all went dark. I was scared by this and held onto Jed.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you” Jed whispered in my ear, his hand going around my back. “Just look forward”

I did what he told me to and looked in front of me. A small light flickered against the trees with a light glow, I could see that the lights where shaped as letter. The lights become brighter and brighter. I was speechless when the words appeared. ‘Adele, Be my girlfriend?’

I looked up at Jed as I still gasped into his arm. Jed opened his leather jacket and took out a velvet box. Jed opened the box and revealed a gold necklace with a small charm of a small J

I stared at the necklace for a few moments before finally giving my answer. “Yes”

Jed grinned. “Really?”

“Yes!” I shouted, Jed quickly slipped on the necklace around me. Then he stood up and lifted me into his arms, carrying me bridal style as I put my hands around his neck for support.

“YES! I have the best girlfriend ever!” Jed said swinging us around.

I smiled and quickly checked my watch. “Merry Christmas Jed”

“Merry Christmas” Jed smiled kissing my cheek. “This is the best Christmas ever!”

November 15th 2009

“So you’re having twins” Dr. Wilson said looking at my profile sheet, while I continued to rub my belly. It was a growing habit, my motherly instincts coming out, to protect my babies.

“Yes” I nodded, watching the many expressions change on the doctor’s face.

“With this new information, you do know that you’re chances of survival have cut in half” He said with a blank expression.

“Yes, I know” I said with a coarse tone.

“Have you told anyone yet?” Dr. Wilson said taking off his glasses.

“No, not yet” I replied taking deep breathes.

“Okay, well I’ve noticed that you’re taking deeper breathes since that last time I saw you” He said watching my every movement.

“Yea and my heart has been beating a bit faster than usual” I truthfully replied.

“That’ll be occurring more often as the pregnancy continues” He explained. “You should rest as often as you can, as too much activity can cause stress and you’ll tire yourself out very quickly”

“I understand” I nodded. “Thanks for all the help, Jason”

“You know this is really hard that you’re my friend as well” Jason said rubbing his forehead.

I smiled softly rubbing my tummy. Jason was a friend from college and ever since his been a doctor, I’ve always gone to him. We always tried to keep it a professionally relationship but this just sets out the friend side of Jason.

“Are you gonna tell Jed soon?” Jason said before taking a sip of his coffee.

“I will when I find the chance” I nodded.

“How are you going to tell him this kinda news?” Jason said with concern.

“I’ll deal with it the best I can” I nodded

“Just don’t leave it till too soon” Jason said.

“Thanks again” I smiled once more before leaving.

December 1st 2009

“Why are you putting that up?” Kaylie asked as I put up an ornament with the words ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ cursively written across the orb.

“Because, even though they’re not born, it’s still they’re first Christmas” I replied, I was tiring myself out by doing this, but Jed and I always did this, even when we had the tiny Christmas tree.

December 1st 2005

“Our first Christmas tree in our apartment” Jed said as we both over decorated the small Christmas tree we had, that was barely 2 feet tall.

“Okay I think we’ve done enough for the tree” I laughed as ornaments and Christmas decorations slipped off the tree.

“Wait!” Jed said running into one of the halls then returning soon after holding something behind his back. “We need to put the top ornament on”

Jed revealed a white angel with a silk dress and diamond encrusted wings that had a porcelain face, smiling.

“Jed…where did you get it from?” I asked taking it into my hands and examining it more closely.

“My mother gave it to me, we have lots of these angels as family heirlooms, and she said everyone in the family should have an angel watching over them” Jed said watching as I held the angel with care.

“It’s beautiful” I said gently touching the wings, as if the angel might actually fly away.

“I can see something more beautiful” I looked up at Jed as he smiled watching me, but once again I blush under his gaze.

“Let’s put it up” I said making my way to the small tree that sat on the coffee table. I hovered over the tree, Jed stood behind me, his hands were on my shoulders then slowly and softly made there ways down my hands. He held them securely while I held the white angel in place.

“We should always do this together” Jed whispered in my ear as we placed the angel on top of the tree.

“We should” I said turning around hugging him. “Each and every year”

“I love you” My heart stopped, it was the first time he’s ever said that, I’ve known for a while that I love Jed but was too scared to admit it.

“I love you too, Jed” I said softly before kissing his lips gently.

“Forever and always” Jed whispered again kissing my cheek.

December 1st 2009

“I’m home” Jed said as he entered the doorway, he quickly saw us as we put more decorations on the tree.

“Wow, it looks amazing!” Jed said as we placed the finishing touches on the tree, throwing some sparkling decorations.

“Well it was all me” Kaylie said proudly while I rolled my eyes.

“Doubt it” Jed scoffed giving me a kiss on the lips. “Hello beautiful”

“Hi” I smiled while Kaylie watched with caring eyes.

“Hello my beautiful twins” Jed said holding my stomach.

“This is so awkward” Kaylie said retreating to the kitchen.

“How are you today? Well I hope you’re doing well, I can’t wait till we officially meet in a few more months” Jed continued his private conversation with the twins.

“Jed, I have to get something” I said making him stand up.

“Hey! I was having a very meaning conversation there” Jed said with a hint of a smile on his face.

“You’ll have plenty of time when they’re actually born!” I shook my head and walked into the closet pulling out the heirloom from Jed’s mother.

“So that’s where the white angel’s gone” Kaylie said munching on a carrot stick. “Jack and I have the purple one”

“How many of these angels do you have at your mother’s place?” I asked the pair as Jed held a can of Coke.

“Too many” Jed said taking a sip. “There’s the angels, then the stars and all this other stuff”

“Wow” I said walking up to the tree.

“Wait for me!” Jed said rushed putting his drink on the counter then rushing to stand behind Adele.

“Just like always” I joked as Jed wrapped one hand around me holding me close while his other hand was on the angel.

“It’s tradition, always and forever we’ll be doing this” Jed nodded putting his head on my shoulder while we placed the angel on the top of the tree.

“Love you, Babe” Jed said kissing my cheek as we slowly pulled away admiring the tree.

“Love you, Jed” I whispered, my knees began to feel weak and everything was going dark.

“Jed” I heard my voice say, I heard Jed’s voice yelling with panic and worry as Kaylie’s sudden face appeared around me then with a last glance, it all went black.

December 14th 2009

I slowly opened my heavy eyes, and watched as the white blurs slowly became focused; the sun was beaming into the room I was in. I could see I was in a hospital by the tube attached to my arm and the machines that beeped around me and the plain white walls that surrounded me.

I tried to make a sound with my voice but it came out as a rasp. I looked on my right and saw Jed with his face on the bed sleeping softly, his face covered with tear stains. I gently put a hand through his hair, while he slept quietly. My heartaches at the sight of this, even while sleeping tears fell from his face. I wiped them away holding in my own tears. Jed knows, I can tell just by looking at him. My own tears began to fall, I quickly wiped them away leaning back into the pillows. I held my stomach and rubbed it over and over again while my other hand went into Jed’s hair. Jed began to stir and I just watched his movements.

“Hi” I said with a coarse voice as a small smile appeared on my face.

“Adele! You’re awake” Jed said taking my hand, holding on tight. “Do you want me to get a doctor or something?”

“No, I’m okay Jed” I said as Jed put my hand on his cheek, closing his eyes at the embrace, kissing my palm and holding it close.

Tears fell once again from Jed’s eyes, wiping then away hastily, as if me seeing this can make me think of him as less of a man.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jed asked looking into my eyes.

I took a deep breath in and tried to sound confident but failed miserably. “How could I tell you Jed?”

Jed looked at me with pleading eyes, begging me to continue.

“How could I? It was me or the babies? Who would you choose to live?”

Jed stared at me with a blank face. “You”

“See?” I said the tears falling, my voice trembling. “I couldn’t let you choose me over these babies”

“I need you though” Jed whispered looking down at his hands. “I can’t live without you”

“Yes you can Jed” I said pulling his face to look at me.

“How am I meant to look after these kids without you?” Jed’s voice was filled with sadness; it broke my heart with every word.

“Jed, I need you to do this one thing for me” I said softly, my voice still trembling. “Take care of our kids”

“I can’t” Jed shook his head. “Please Adele, don’t do this”

“I’m not killing our babies!” I shouted, tears flooding my face.

“We can always try again and-”

“No, we can’t! I won’t be able to have anymore if I get rid of the twins” I said shaking my head furiously.

“Adele, don’t, just don’t. You’re my whole life” Jed cried out.

“Don’t make this harder than it already is” I said in a low tone.

“Please change your mind, please reconsider” Jed begged tears streaming down his face.

“I’ve lived a full life, and it’s because of you” I said smiling weakly at Jed. “Let our kids have a full life, please”

Jed stood up quickly “No” was all he said before he slammed the door leaving me completely alone with my thoughts.

I don’t know how many hours passed but it was darker than before and Jed still hadn’t returned. I wondered what Jed was doing, if he was even thinking about me at all then the door slowly creaked opened taking my gaze off the moon and stars outside.

“Hey” Kaylie said pulling her loose sweater closer, I almost forget about it being winter and didn’t feel the cold or anything. Maybe it was because it was just a decent temperature in the hospital, or maybe it was because I’m numb and can’t really feel anything at the moment.

“Hi” My voice croaked back while Kaylie pulled up a seat next to me.

“How long have you known?” I turned my head from her watching the moon again.

I took a deep breath in and faced her

“3 months or so” I said with a trembling voice.

“Even though Jed doesn’t understand, I’d do the same thing” Kaylie said holding my hand, I could tell she was holding in her tears by the way she was shaking.

A weak smile came onto my face while tears streamed down. “Have you talked to him?”

Kaylie nodded biting her lip. “He’s really messed up at the moment”

“That’s Jed for you” I couldn’t help but smile, a real smile while Kaylie enjoyed my small giggle at my own joke.

“Jed’s missing you a lot” Kaylie said as it grew silent. “Since our apartment is only a 5 minute drive to here, he’s been staying with us”

I nodded, urging her to continue.

“Jed didn’t want to be in that empty house by himself, he hasn’t slept much lately and when he does he calls out your name over and over again”

I felt my heart grow tense, it wasn’t because of my condition but from the guilt I was feeling that I was causing Jed so much pain.

The door once again opened and, I held my breath, as a small part of me was wished it was Jed. It wasn’t.

“Hi Jason” I greeted him with a weak smile.

“Jed said you were awake” He said smiling. “You can go home tomorrow if you like”

I nodded at his statement then quickly asked “How am I?”

Jason ceased his forehead as he looked at me. “You’re getting better, but we can’t be too sure of anything at the moment. I’d try to do some tests on you… But they’d harm the twins”

“We’ll just see how it goes” I said calmly.

“Let’s hope it turns out well” Jason said softly before leaving.

“Will you help me get my things ready?” I asked Kaylie who remained silent for too long, she was never silent.

Kaylie sighed, it was a sad sigh. “I’ll get your bag ready” Kaylie said putting on an obviously fake smile that made me frown.

“I’m going home” A small smile tugged on my mouth while rubbing my belly “We’re going home”

December 15th 2009

I sat on my bed in jeans and a few layers of sweaters as I waited for Kaylie to take me back to her place and hopefully convince Jed to come back to our home.

“Ready?” Kaylie said popping her head into my room with a weak smile. She looked slightly tired and worn out, was it because of me or Jed?

I smiled weakly, carrying my bag, exiting the room.

“Sorry Mrs. Jones, but you have to sit in this wheelchair till you exit the building” The nurse said with a smile.

I nodded my head and sat in the wheelchair while Kaylie pushed me through the hospital.

“Are you okay?” I asked as she remained silent.

Kaylie sighed “I’ll tell you in the car”

I bit her lip and waited till we arrived at the car, Kaylie was usually a happy person, much like myself but more spontaneous, just an amazing person. She wasn’t herself.

The male nurses came and took the wheelchair while I hoisted myself into the small Toyota Echo. It was silent for a moment and I knew how fast we’d be there so I broke the eerie silent that was never around the pair of us.

“Please tell me what’s wrong?” I begged slightly. I waited for an answer while moments passed.

“You know I’m on your side about the twins?” Kaylie said parking the car in the underground car spaces.

I nodded and watched her changing expressions.

Kaylie took a deep breathe in before parking. She sat quietly then abruptly slammed her hands against the steering wheel, it scared me.

“I’ve been trying to convince Jed to just accept your choice”

I gave a sympathetic smile and Kaylie was always had my best interest at heart.

“You don’t have to” I replied quietly. “This is between me and Jed”

“I know” Kaylie said “I just thought that I could just make him see”

“Thank you” I smiled hugging her.

“Come on, let’s go inside”

We were outside her door and Kaylie was holding her keys.

“Just stay outside for a while” Kaylie said entering her home.

I leaned against the wall with the door slightly open.

“I’m home” Kaylie announced in her home.

“Jack left for work” Jed said with a low voice. “How is she?”

“Good, have you reconsidered?” Kaylie said with a careful tone.

“No! I’ve told you before, I’m not letting her do that!” Jed yelled, I held myself together, holding in the tears. It was all falling apart.

“This is causing her so much pain, please Jed” Kaylie said trying to reason with her.

“She’s the love of my life, Kay! I can’t do anything without her” Jed’s voice began die down.

I bit my lip and entered the room Kaylie was next to Jed rubbing his back with his head in his hands.

“Jed” I whispered loud enough for them to hear as I held myself together.

Kaylie left the room quietly while Jed turned and stared at me with sad eyes.

“I don’t want to lose you either” I said shaking my head. “But right now, my life are my babies and you”

Jed stood up slowly making his way towards me, putting his hands on my shoulders.

“I’m ready to give my life up for them, as much as you don’t like it, I’m probably going to die” I trembled against Jed as I spoke before breaking down and crying.

Jed held me close while I wept in his chest. “We’ll get through this”

I looked up at Jed. “Together?”

“I promise you that I’ll be here for you, through everything” Jed said a stray tear. “Even if it kills me”

I didn’t reply and just put my head in his chest, hoping that everything will be okay.

December 25th 2009

We were soon settled back in our home after everything that happened. Jed was still awkward about the whole situation and it made me feel out of place.

“Wake up baby” Jed whispered in my ear, kissing all over my face.

“Jed” I whined with a smile as he continually did this.

“Come on, we have presents to open” Jed said kissing me on the lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, Jed picked me up bridal style.

“This isn’t fair” I said putting my head into his neck. “I’m heavy, put me down”

“Adele, you’re not heavy” Jed said as he walked down the stairs.

“Yes I am” I said “It’s my hormones, I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, let’s have a Merry Christmas” Jed said putting me on the couch.

“Merry Christmas Jed” I said kissing him lightly.

“Merry Christmas, twins” I smiled holding my stomach while Jed turned away, Jed was slightly cold towards the babies, but I understood.

“Merry Christmas, baby” Jed smiled getting a gift from the tree.

“Thank you” I blushed opening the box, it had 6 charms and they were gorgeous.

One was a tiny newspaper, the second was a tiny bed, another was a doctor’s stethoscope, a Chinese character that I couldn’t read, two rattles connected and a small star.

“I remembered my promise about giving you a charm for every anniversary” Jed said softly watching me as I examined each charm. “I thought this would be better, since we don’t have as much time as I thought”

“The newspaper is for the big news when we found out about the babies” Jed said with a blank tone. “The tiny bed was for that day in July when you’re hormones took over”

I blushed while Jed put his hand under my chin looking me in the eyes while he chuckled at the memory.

“The stethoscope was for the first doctor’s appointment” Jed said holding my face. “The two rattles is for when we found out that they were twins”

Jed put his hands on my stomach, the first time since I came back from the hospital. “And the star is for today, the miracle of these twins”

“I love them Jed” I smiled, Jed really did accept it, I put my wrist out so he could put them on my charm bracelet which he gladly did.

“You’re welcome” Jed said kissing my hand.

“My gifts are the ones that are wrapped in silver.” I smiled pointing at the many boxes.

Jed picked up the gifts and stared at them. “There’s so many”

“Just open them” I said excitedly.

Jed nodded and opened each box, first revealing a Canon DSLR 500D Digital Camera.

“Adele, I love it” Jed said holding the camera box.

“Keep opening the other boxes” I said smiling, Jed followed my instructions and continued.

“Don’t think I haven’t seen those photos on your computer, they’re amazing” I said watching Jed as he opened the stand.

“I couldn’t let you keep taking those beautiful photos on that camera” I smiled as he opened the different lens and flash.

“Don’t dis the Fuji” Jed joked taking a quick glance at me before looking at all the things. “I can’t believe you got me this”

“It was nothing” I said shaking my head. “My grand mother left me that money to use it the way I wanted to”

“I love it, thank you” Jed smiled kissing me on the cheek. “Look, it’s snowing”

I turned around and through our window, snowflakes were gently falling from the sky. Jed took my hand and we sat by the window.

“Merry Christmas” Jed said holding me in his arms.

“Merry Christmas” I said giving him a soft kiss on the lips. “I love you”

I could feel Jed smiling. “I love you more”

January 1st 2010

“Happy New Year!” I shouted as the fireworks exploded into the sky.

Jed and I were in my parent’s home in the city with some family and friends. My parents weren’t home, away for busy as usual. I haven’t seen them since my wedding; I’m hoping I’d see them soon, to tell them about what was going on. They didn’t approve of Jed, Jed was from an amazing family but they just didn’t like Jed. But I fought for him and it was the best decision of my life.

“Happy New Year, baby” Jed said kissing me on the lips.

“Happy New Year, twins” Jed said bending down to kiss my tummy.

August 15th 2005

“Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend, Jed” I said as we arrived at the restaurant.

Jed smiled taking off his leather jacket, with a hand securely around my waist. “Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too” My mother kindly said while my father looked at Jed up and down, examining him. Jed was wearing dark denim pants and a black dress shirt with leather shoes. Jed and I sat in our spots while my parents looked at the menu.

“How do you think I’m going?” Jed whispered in my ear.

“Great” I smiled kissing him on the lips.

“Excuse me, we’re ordering now” My father said interrupting our kiss while the waiter looked at us with curious eyes

I blushed “I’ll have the bruschetta as my entrĂ©e and Cacciatore as my main and can I please get a glass of your best red wine”

“And you sir?” The waiter asked.

“Um, I’ll have some garlic bread, spaghetti Bolognese and a beer please” Jed asked passing over my menu and also his.

I could tell my mother and father were analyzing Jed like my other boyfriends, they were never around so I didn’t know why they cared so much.

Jed held my hand through the night as my father shot him with questions, I thought it was going pretty well, they were laughing and seemed like they actually liked Jed. But I was wrong.

We had just finished dinner and we were exiting the building after my father paid for dinner. I was staying at my parent’s house since I finished college for the semester. My parents entered the limousine that they rented while they were here while I said goodbye to Jed.

“So do you think they like me?” Jed asked holding my hand while we stood by his motorcycle.

“I don’t know but you were great with them” I said putting my arms around Jed’s neck and his hands went around my waist.

“Thank you” Jed said tossing his dark hair around. “I hope they like me”

“Even if they don’t, I don’t care” I smiled at Jed, kissing him on the lips. “I love you”

“Love you too” Jed smiled hugging me tightly.

“I better get going” I frowned slightly. “I’ll talk to you soon”

I pulled away from him and made my way into the limo.

“Adele, wait!” Jed shouted pulling my elbow bringing me back to him.

“What is it, Jed?” I asked with a hand on his cheek.

“Move in with me?” Jed asked nervously. “Live with me? Be the one I wake up to every single morning?”

I was shocked and taken back, Jed just moved into a new apartment and I helped him with every detail.

“Yes!” I shouted smiling. “I’ll move in with you!”

Jed kissed me again spinning me around.

I put a hand through my hair after he put me down, thinking about what was gonna happen.

“I’ll get my stuff tomorrow” I smiled kissing him again.

“Okay, I’ll let you leave” Jed said still holding me by the waist. “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Bye” I said kissing him for the last time, and going to the limo.

I watched from the backseat as he sped off, helmet on driving to our apartment, to say I was happy was an understatement.

“What do you think of Jed?” I asked turning back to face them as the car drove back to the house.

It was quiet for a moment, my father was staring straight ahead while my mother looked like she was trying to find the words.

“I don’t like him” My father said as we drove down the streets.

“What?” I asked looking at them both, my mother sighing at my father’s comment.

“I thought it was good” I said watching their reaction.

“That boy doesn’t have any taste” My father said.

“Henry” My mom said as if trying to reason with him, even if she knew it was pointless.

“No, Diana” My dad said. “I don’t like him for you”

“He’s a good person!” I told them.

“Adele, it’s not that, he’s a nice boy but” My mother paused.

“He just seems a bit reckless” My dad plainly pointed out.

“He isn’t, he’s a responsible guy, he’s becoming an architect and he loves me and I love him!” I shouted at them.

“Calm down” My father said while my mother sat quietly as we arrived at the house.

“We’re just concerned about you” My mother said putting a hand on my shoulder as we exited the vehicle.

“Break up with him, I don’t want you to get hurt” My father said not even looking me in the eye.

“He’d never hurt me” I said coldly as I entered the house. “I don’t even care what you think, Jed asked me to move in with him and I said yes”

“Adele, we never see you, please, stay” My mother begged me.

“I love you both, but I don’t want to be around you when you say all these things about Jed” I said going to my room. “I’ll be out of the house in the morning”

January 13th 2010

“Hi mom” I smiled softly as she opened her door. Ollie told me that they were having a week of from work so I decided to visit them to make amends.

“Adele, you’re pregnant” My mother said staring and holding my belly.

“Yea” I replied as she rubbed my stomach.

“Come inside” She took my hand and pulled me into the house. “Henry!”

Soon enough my father came into the living room with a phone to his ear.

“I’ll call you back” Hanging up on the person and making his way to me.

“Hi dad” I smiled.

“Look at you” He smiled holding onto my belly.

“Yea, I’m pregnant with twins” I replied sitting down, my parents following my lead.

“You look amazing” my mother said smiling at me.

“Thank you” I replied. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you so I just wanted to tell you a few things”

My father and mother nodded and listened intently as I told them about Jed, the twins and my condition. It was hard but they had the right to know about it.

“That’s what’s been happening in my life” I nodded, the tears about to come out.

“Why didn’t you come to us sooner when you found out?” My mother said. “We could have done something about it”

“But you can’t” I shook my head “The doctor said to terminate the babies is the only option”

“And why didn’t you take it?” My father asked looking frazzled.

“Dad, I’ve lived my life, I’m okay with it” I said gently hoping he’d be okay with the decision and not get frustrated.

“It’s not your time” He said shaking his head as if it’d all go away. “It’s not right when a parent out lives their child”

A few tears fell from my face and my mother’s. “I know”

My mother held my father’s hand trying to calm him down while he sat stiffly.

“I know you don’t like my choice, but it’s not your place to make this decision” I said trying to sound confident. “But I just wanted to make a request”

“What is it?” My mother asked.

“Please be apart of their lives” I looked down at my large tummy. “Be grandparents to them, take care of them, and get to know them”

My mother smiled sympathetically. “Of course”

“Thank you” I nodded. “I have to go soon” I stood up and made my way to the door.

“Wait” My father’s voice yelled from the living room. “We just got you back into our lives, come back for dinner”

I smiled and gave him a hug “Thank you”

“With the time that’s left, I don’t want to waste any moments that could be spent with you” He said softly a tear falling onto my shoulder.

February 14th 2010

“Happy Valentine’s Day” I smiled at Jed holding a tray with breakfast on it.

Jed stirred in the bed, stopping to look at me. “Adele, what are you doing?! You’re doing too much, conserve you’re energy”

“I was hoping for a thank you” I shrugged putting the breakfast on his lap.

“Thank you” Jed sighed “It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, it’s just that I don’t want you to get weak, you’re already looking pale” He held my face and I could tell that it was killing him to see me like this.

“I’m okay” I reassured him. “Have your breakfast”

Jed smiled and looked at all the food on the tray. “This is enough for two”

“What do you think I’m going eat?” I joked taking a grape and eating it.

Jed and I enjoyed our breakfast in bed, after we finished Jed gave me his gifts.

I opened the box and saw another charm; Jed was giving me one for every month on random days. Jed gave me one on New Year’s Day, a charm that was ‘2010’. This time he’d given me a small flower more specifically a rose.

“A rose?” I asked confused.

“Well…” Jed pulled out a bouquet of roses. “These might not last but that rose will”

“Thank you Jed” I said hugging him.

“Don’t forget about the other gift” Jed smiled.

I opened the package and it was a photo album, I turned the first page and read “Adele’s life”

I turned pages and saw my babies photos, my childhood, being a teenager and the rest of my life.

“I’m gonna add more and more when the twins are born because they’re your life” Jed said as I flicked through the pages. I flicked through the pages and saw all these photos that I never knew were taken.

“When did you take these ones?” I asked still looking at the photos.

“All the time, you don’t really notice, some I got from other people as well” Jed smiled. “I like this one the best”

I looked at the one he pointed out; it was when we were at the beach with my brother and a few friends. I was on Jed’s back, my arms around his neck while Jed supported me by carrying my legs. My head was on Jed’s shoulder, smiling with Jed grinning at me. I remembered that I was whispering something in Jed’s ear when that photo was taken. It was a fun day because we didn’t get to go to the beach often.

August 7th 2009

“Hurry up” Ollie yelled as he exited the door while I rushed getting all my things.

“Got everything?” Jed asked carrying the cooler.

“Yea” I said breathlessly my bags in hand.

“Great” Jed smiled as we walked to the Ollie’s SUV.

Ollie’s girlfriend, Tessa rode in the front with my brother while Jed and I sat in the back. We were meeting Kaylie and Jack there; I could tell it was going to be a good day.

When we arrived it was perfect the sun was beaming down and the water looked perfect. I jumped out of the car, feeling the sand in my feet.

“You know you’re wife’s weird, Jed?” My brother said jokingly to Jed.

“I know and I love it”

I turned back at Jed and smiled. “I can’t help being loveable”

“Sure, sure” Ollie said shaking his head.

I sat on the beach playing with Tessa’s camera; I took random photos and looked over them.

“How much is a camera like this?” I asked her, thinking about Jed and his love of photography.

“Over a grand but a really good camera is a few thousand” Tessa said.

“Oh ok cool” I said passing it back to her.

“Let’s have a swim” Jed said taking off his shirt. I stood up and took of my loose shirt, revealing my bikini and jumped on Jed’s back, the necklace he gave me draping over his shoulder.

“When we have the baby, do you promise to take them to the beach whenever you can?” I whispered in Jed’s ear. I could see Jed smiling then a flash.

“I’m sorry but that was too cute” Tessa said holding her camera.

“Its okay” I replied as Jed walked closer to the beach.

I jumped off Jed’s back ready to go into the water, but Jed pulled me into him.

“I promise” Jed smiled kissing me. “Don’t forget your sunscreen”

“Oh right” I smiled taking his hand. I love the beach.

March 2nd 2010

“Happy Birthday” I said as Jed and I sat around the table at our beach house on the balcony.

I asked Jed a few weeks ago what his birthday wish was. Jed thought for a moment and shook his head with a regretful smile, I knew what Jed wished for but he knew that I could fulfill that wish. So he opted for using the beach house for a week.

“Thank you” Jed smiled, holding me close. “You look amazing”

“I’m fat” I pouted holding my immensely large stomach.

“You’re not fat, you’re pregnant” Jed joked laughing me. “With my children”

“Who says they’re yours?” I joked, giggling at Jed’s blank expression. “Kidding Jed”

“Are you excited?”Jed said as our laughs died down.

“About what?” I asked taking a sip of my lemonade.

“Being a mother” Jed said looking me in the eye.

“I don’t know if I’ll be that good” I quietly said.

“Adele, you’re crazy” Jed said shaking his head. “You could be a bad driver, have the worst fashion sense but you could never be a bad mother”

“And I know you could never be a bad father” I said holding onto his face. Jed nodded without saying a word.

“I was thinking about some names for the twins” I told Jed as the eerie silence was growing.

“So have I” Jed smiled.

“Awesome” I smiled back. “Mine are Nathaniel Adam and Kiara Rose”

“I love them” Jed nodded. “The names I liked are Zane Charles and Serena Claire”

“What names are we going to use?” I asked Jed.

“Well we don’t know the gender of the babies so we’ll just wait till their born to decide” Jed nodded.

“Love you Jed” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“Love you too babe” Jed said kissing the top of my head.

April 12th 2010

“Keep pushing, Adele” The doctor said waiting to see the babies head’s appear.

I pushed and pushed, her grasp on Jed and Kaylie’s hand, nearly breaking their hands.

“I can see one head, come on, you’re almost there” The doctor said supporting the baby’s head out of the womb.

I pushed and pushed, my energy was slipping away from me, I felt like I was about to pass out. But I wouldn’t, not till the babies were alive and in this world.

I heard crying and looked towards the doctor who was holding a baby boy. I was ecstatic, I looked at Jed’s face and saw tears falling down his face.

“A baby boy” The doctor said showing me the baby. “We’re going to take him to the nursery for a while to get cleaned up. We need to get the other one first”

I nodded and pushed, seeing my baby boy made me so happy. I pushed and pushed as hard as I could.

“I see the head” The doctor announced. “Almost there”

I finally heard crying and looked once again at the doctor, she was holding up my baby, a baby girl.

“A beautiful baby girl” She said, smiling, even though it was covered by her mask.

“Adele, you did it” Jed smiled kissing me on the lips.

“Yea… I did it” I said weakly, letting go of Jed and Kaylie’s hand.

“Adele, are you okay?” Jed asked gently touching my face.

“I love you” I whispered.

I heard beeping and loud noises from all these people panicking. It faded and faded, before it all went black.

April 18th 2010

“Happy Anniversary” I heard a shaky voice said in the distance. My head was aching but all these voices were coming into my head loud and clear.

My eyes fluttered opened and I saw Jed on one side holding two babies.

“Jed” I croaked out.

“Oh my gosh! Adele, you’re awake” Jed said moving his seat closer to the bed. “I didn’t think you’d wake up”

“Geez Jed, don’t you think I’m stronger than that” I joked smiling.

Jed smiled. “Do you want to meet them?”

“Yes” I nodded putting my hands out to hold them.

“I hope you don’t mind but I already gave them names” Jed said passing them over. “This is Nathaniel Adam and Serena Claire”

“Hello” I said smiling and kissing them, they were both sleeping, they’re tiny hands moving around.

“Let me take a picture” Jed said picking up his camera. I posed and smiled, showing off my babies. “This is going in the photo album.”

“Nate and Serena, you’re a God send” I said touching their cheeks.

“What a great birthday present for you” Jed smiled and I fed them.

“Huh?” I asked looking away from them for a second.

“Well you were in labor for so long that they were actually born on your birthday” Jed said putting a hand through his hair.

“You two are the best birthday present ever” I said kissing the top of their heads.

“It’s our anniversary today” Jed nodded. “I got my gift”

“What’s that?” I asked him.

“For you to be here with me” Jed nodded. “For as long as possible”

I was on the verge of crying. “I’ll be here for as long as you need me”

“But I’ll always need you” Jed said with his hands touching my fingers.

“We’ve made it through this” I said looking him in the eyes. “How do you know that I won’t have a long life?”

“Jason said that you’ll only have a few months left” Jed said a tear going down his face.

“Well we’ll make the best of it” I smiled, even though I was crying slightly.

“I’ll get the doctor and tell him you’re awake” Jed sighed, standing up, walking to the door.

“Everything will be okay, Jed” I told him before he closed the door.

“I hope so” Jed mumbled before closing the door behind him.

I held the babies in my arms. “We love you both so much; don’t let your father ever forget that”

May 18th 2010

“Hi mom, hi dad” I greeted my parents as they stood at my door step. We were having a party for the twins since it was their first month of being alive. I insisted on having a birthday party, I knew I wasn’t gonna be around for their first birthday so this was my only chance.

“Where are the kids?” My mother asked smiling while my father gave me a hug. They kept their promise, they were around a lot more, and I saw them at least once a week. They were amazing grandparents to Nate and Serena.

“In the dining room with everyone else, they’re sleeping” I told her guiding her and my dad there.

It was just a small gathering but it did have cake and presents for them.

“Everyone’s here” I announced walking into the dining room. “Let’s open the gifts”

We began opening the gifts, the twins were asleep and I didn’t want to awake them. I opened the presents and loved them all, lunch had to be served so I quickly got everything ready, I was getting more and more tired while preparing lunch but I wouldn’t let it stop me.

I gave everyone their lunch, and heard the babies waking up so I took them to their crib with Jed’s help.

“Adele, you need to take a break, you look exhausted” Jed said carrying Nate up the stairs while I held Serena.

“It’s almost over Jed” I said breathlessly. “I can handle it”

“Okay, if you insist” Jed said “I’ll make sure everyone’s okay while you feed the twins for a while”

“Thanks” I smiled entering the twin’s room. Jed kissing my cheek, then Nate and Serena’s forehead, before going back downstairs to host the party. I sat down in the small couch holding my babies. I feed the babies for a while, it didn’t seem like a long time. I just loved spending time with them.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month already” I smiled as they looked at me silently.

I’m gonna sing you both a small part of a song, I’m not sure if I’m any good but I’ll do my best”

“On the day that you were born
and the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true

I finished the short part of the song and smiled as I saw small smiles on their faces.

“I’m glad you liked it” I grinned kissing their heads. “Come on; let’s go back to the party” I held them close to my body as I slowly walked down the stairs. They were both adorable, Jed waited for me at the bottom of the stairs.

“Everyone left” Jed smiled taking Serena for me.

“What? Why?” I asked looking around the house.

“Check the time” Jed said pointing at the clock.

I glanced at the clock, it was about 5pm, and I was up with the twins for more than 4 hours.

“I’m sorry, I missed it all, I don’t know what’s wrong with me” I said shaking my head, I was frantic and my heart was beating fast.

“Hey, hey” Jed said holding my face in one hand. “Don’t worry about it they understand”

“I don’t wanna close my eyes just to realize that a moment’s passed when I could be with my family” I said crying slightly, I sat on the couch, crying softly.

Nate was looking up with me with his hazel eyes, with a confused look on his face. I sighed and let the final tears fall. Nate put his tiny hands on my face, moving away the tears. I barely even noticed Jed beside me with a hand rubbing my back softly.

“There’ll be plenty of moments with the family like now” Jed smiled as I took a small glance at him. “Sure, we’re not completely but in the end still a family”

I kissed Jed’s lips softly and gave him a weak smile. “I’m sorry”

Jed shook his head with a lazy grin. “You’re apologizing for having emotions”

“I guess” I shrugged as Serena looked at me with her brown eyes.

“I love you, you know that” Jed smiled kissing me softly.

“I’d be kinda surprised if you didn’t” I joked, ruffling his hair. “I love you too”

Nate and Serena cried out, begging for attention.

“And we love you too” Jed kissed their foreheads. “I love you Nate, I love you Serena”

Nate touched my face moving it towards Jed while Serena did the same. I giggled and kissed Jed once again.

“Our kids know me pretty well, they know what I like” Jed smirked as I pulled away while I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t know why I love your father” I whispered loudly to the babies.

“Hey!” Jed smiled, nudging me.

“But I do” I grinned looking into Jed’s eyes.

June 21st 2010

Jed was making dinner in the kitchen while I put the twins in the cot in the living room. I rocked Nate and Serena in my arms, kissing their foreheads. They cooed softly as I put them in the cots. I slowly made my way to the kitchen, I was a lot more tired these days and I was exhausted after a few hours of being at the park with Jed and the twins.

“I hope you’re hungry because we’re going to have so much to eat” Jed chuckled as he put a spice into a big pot.

I tried to hoist myself onto the bench but I didn’t have enough power. Jed saw my struggle and took me by the waist, placing me on the counter. My head was slightly dipped to one side, my arms falling loosely over Jed’s shoulder.

“Ade, are you okay?” Jed said holding my head up for me to face him.

“I don’t know” My words were slurred against each other, my brain unable to make clear words.

Kaylie came into the kitchen. “Hey, am I too early? Jack’s coming soon”

“Look after the twins, I’m taking Adele to the hospital” Jed put his arm under my arm, supporting my back, putting me in his arms.

“Are you with me, Adele?” Jed asked touching my face.

My shut and I couldn’t respond to Jed’s question, I could only hear around me.

“What’s wrong?” Kaylie said with concern in her voice.

“I don’t know, I’m going to find out” Jed said trying to sound strong as he put me in the passenger seat of the car as I lost the feeling of his touch on my skin.

“Do you think it’s time?” Kaylie said with a weak voice, the door slamming soon after.

Jed drove off, hurrying and rushing as I felt sharp turns on the way.

“Stop, please” I said with a tired voice. “Please stop”

Jed slowed the car, and I turned to my side and saw the hill, the hill where Jed proposed to me.

July 4th 2006

“Why are up here?” I asked as we climbed up a hill with a picnic basket.

“Because it’s a really great view of the fireworks” Jed explained putting a blanket in front of an oak tree.

“How come no one else is here?” I asked sitting beside Jed as he took our food out of the basket. “And aren’t we a bit early? It’s only 5”

“How come you ask so many questions?” Jed said teasing me.

“How come you’re so annoying?” I smirked back.

“How come you’re so cute?” I blushed and smiled at Jed’s question.

I posed myself, looking as if I was thinking very hard while Jed laughed at me.

“I guess I was just born that way” I shrugged biting my lip, while Jed hung his head laughing. Jed and I ate soon after, talking quietly as the sun began to set.

Jed took my face and kissed me as the sunset. He always thought the best time to kiss a girl is during sunset and any opportunity he had to do it, nothing would stop him.

“Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Jones” I smiled as he pulled away from the kiss.

“Maybe I am, Miss Woods. Is that a problem?” Jed smirked as we both laid down, my head going on his chest and his arm snaking around my waist.

“Not at all” I said listening to his heartbeat. It began to beat faster and faster as the moments passed.

“Can you do me a favour?” Jed asked his voice sounding nervous.

“Sure” I said looking up at him.

“Stand up” Jed replied sitting up.

I stood up looking at Jed confused, I stared into the stars for a few minutes. There seemed to be so many more stars in the sky tonight, and they were glowing brightly.

“Adele” I heard Jed say from the ground. I glanced at him, he was on bended knee holding my hand. My thoughts raced, was this really happening? Is he doing what I think he is?

“Adele, I knew from the day I saw you, walking lost around campus that you were special” Jed said smiling, rubbing comforting circles on my hands. “And when you agreed to be my girlfriend on the perfect Christmas Eve that you’d always be my best friend before being my girlfriend”

I began to laugh at all the memories while tears fell down my face.

“And after you moved in with me and told me that you’d fight for me no matter what, I knew that you loved me as much as I loved you” Jed said, still smiling, a tear falling from his face. “And I wanted to know, if you were willing to take the final step, to be my, everything, to be my whole life”

It was coming, I could feel it. Jed pulled out a ring from the pocket on his shirt, his shake hand opening the box revealing a beautiful princess cut diamond gold ring.

“Will you marry me?” Jed asked hope in his voice.

“Yes!” I screamed Jed slipped on the ring with the biggest smile on his face.

I pulled Jed up and kissed him with all my might, fireworks were going off, not only in our kiss but around us.

“I love you so much” Jed smiled happily, moving a stray hair out of my face.

“I love you too, Jed” I said kissing him again, ignoring the beautiful background behind us.

June 21st 2010

“Jed, can we please sit by the tree please?” I asked with a weak voice.

“Adele, you’re not well, we need to get to the hospital” Jed said shaking his head.

“It’ll only be for a little while please” I asked putting my hand on his. Jed leaned against the steering wheel, holding on tight, his knuckles turning white. Jed got out of the car walking over to open my door. He silently carried me up to the tree, a blanket on my lap as he did this. He laid down the blanket and sat me down, leaning against the tree. Jed sat close to me, his arms going around my shoulder as we watched the stars.

“I want to give you this” I said pulling a necklace out of my pocket.

Jed took the necklace and looked at the dog tags’ inscriptions. They read, ‘Jed, you’ll always be in my heart, forever and always’ while the other said ‘Nate and Serena, I dedicate my life for you’

“I love you Jed” I said tears falling from my face. “Don’t ever forget that and don’t ever let Nate and Serena forget me”

“Adele, don’t go” Jed said holding me closer. “I’m not ready”

“I think you are Jed” I smiled softly. “It’s you and me together Jed, I love you”

“I love you too” Jed said with a trembling voice.

I could feel my mind slipping out of consciousness, while I heard Jed’s loud screams for me to wake up. But I didn’t.

September 12th 2010

Jed walked into the house, listening for any sigh of life. He put his things by the door and saw a note.

‘Took the twins out for a walk, I’ll drop them off later – Mom’

Jed left the note where it was and decided to watch a movie. He riffled though the walk in closet where linen, movies and almost everything was kept, searching for a movie to take his mind off things.

Jed searched the top shelf, before knocking down a box. Jed silently cursed himself, picking up the box. He picked up the box, and wondering what was inside.

He flicked the latchet and looked through, finding a stack of DVD’s marked with Kaylie, Mom and Dad, Nate and Serena 1st and many others like it. Jed searched through them all and found one entitled with Jed. Jed picked up the box, holding the DVD with his name walking to the living room. He slipped in the DVD, wondering about what it could be. He’s heart was torn with what he saw.


“Um, hi Jed” Adele’s voice filled the air and he could help but go tense, tears going down his face.

“I just wanted to make this video because I know that I’m going to die soon” His heart broke just a little bit more as she said that.

“You know that you’re not going to change my mind about the babies” Adele said holding in tears. “And I know that as much as this hurts you, you’ll get through it”

Adele broke into a smile. “I mean seriously, you’re Jed Jones, you can get through everything”

Jed laughed at her comment, missing her voice more and more. Jed watched the full video lasting over an hour, with just Adele talking. It talked about where she left gifts for the kids as they grew up, teaching Jed about some things he might grow through with Serena and lastly the memories and love Adele had for the people in her lives. Jed cried through the whole video, missing his wife like crazy.

“Well that’s pretty much everything I guess” Adele shrugged.

“I love you” Jed smiling as he heard those 3 words and 8 letters that made his heart beat faster every time Adele said them.

The video went blank and Jed’s heart stopped for a moment. It turned on a moment later with Adele’s face close to the screen.

“Just in case you forget, I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you. I LOVE YOU!” Adele shouted into the camera.

“See ya” Adele smiled waving at the camera before it finally went black

Jed didn’t notice himself right against the screen. “It won’t be long, Ade, we’ll be together soon”

Jed cried silently for a few moments. “I’ll always love you, Adele”