Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 1

I stared aimlessly at my new surroundings, did we really have to move? It was a huge move from Australia, all the way to LA. I've always wanted to live here but just as my life was doing good in Australia, I had to move. I had my boyfriend...well ex-boyfriend, Jason and I was the most popular girl at school then my mum decides to hit me with a bombshell saying that we're moving to LA. And here we are, we just parked our car into the new driveway. I looked up in awe at the house, it was huge, I couldn't believe that I was going to live in this mansion.
"Come on, Allyson" My mother called out as the movers started bringing all our stuff into the new house.
"Coming" I said getting my bag from the car seat.
I went to the back of the car and took one of my boxes and walked into the house. I dropped the box with shock, it was stunning. I ran up the stairs, after picking up my box and looking on the top floor, I grinned as I saw my room, it was amazing, it had a balcony and everything!

In a few hours, I completely had everything up except for one last box that was still in the truck, I took a view at the neighbourhood for the first time that day and smiled, it was quiet, peaceful and really homey. I walked across the green grass and paused as I heard talking.
"Let's go talk to her" A girl said quietly over the white picket fence.
"Maybe we should wait till she comes to us" I heard a guy say.
I put my box down and sneaked to the fence.
"Boo!" I yelled out, causing them to jump up in shock.
"Geez, you gave me a heart attack" The brown haired girl said putting a hand over her heart, she wore a floral printed tee, casual jeans and silver ballet flats. She wore a large professional camera that I've only seen the paparazzi have.
"Sorry" I laughed as I looked at the pair.
"It's okay" The girl laughed. "My brother and I should have introduced ourselves"
"I'm Allyson" I smiled.
"Hey, I'm Aimee" She said giving me a hug.
"And I'm Joe" He smiled giving me a hug as well. I gotta admit, he's pretty cute.
"Uh can let go of her now" Aimee said awkwardly as Joe was still hugging me for a freakishly long time for a hug.
"Okay, yea, right, sorry" Joe blushed, scratching the back of his neck, he's cute when he does that.
"It's cool" I smiled at him.
"Anyways that was ...uh..." Aimee stopped to try to find the right words to say.
"Awkward?" Joe and I said at the same time. We both glanced at each other then laughed.
"Yea, awkward moment..." Aimee said giving Joe and I a strange look.
"Welcome to our Neighbourhood" Joe smiled interrupting Aimee.
I can tell I'll like it here already...

WHAT DO YOU THINK ?? Aimee :D you got both parts XD

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  1. lol, love it! only tihng is my name is Aimee not Amiee. :) i dont know if my other comment posted, but it was similar to this. :)