Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 3

I waited by our house as Aimee took Allyson back home after our short trip to the beach. I sat on the porch step and heard laughing coming from the two. Why am I feeling like this? Like I wanted to punch someone? I've been in a bad mood ever since we left the beach, but that couldn't be it. I loved the beach, always have, always will. Buy why do I feel so crappy?
"You were in a pretty crappy mood before" My sister, Aimee said sitting next to me.
"I don't know why though" I truthfully told her.
"Geez, are you really that oblivious?" Aimee said with a frustrated face.
I couldn't respond at first, she was confusing me a bit. "You're confusing me"
"You like Allyson" She belatedly said.
"What?! No I don't" I could feel myself blushing under her gaze, my feelings were all mixed up after what she said.
"Yes, you do!" Aimee stated loudly. "You're in a crappy mood because Allyson mentioned something about having a boyfriend"
My blood started to boil "Who is the guy anyways?"
"You're avoiding the topic, admit it you like Allyson" Aimee said standing up, making her look more powerful, even if she was my younger sister.
I stood up, my height disadvantaging her stare. "I don't like her"
"Yes, that's why you're jealous of her boyfriend" I clentched my fists and opened the front door.
"Don't be in denial, Joe, it was so obvious by the way you looked at her" I paused as I was about to walk up the stair to my room.
"What do you mean by that?" Trying to act casual, but it was obvious I gave it away, I couldn't lie to Aimee ...or myself. I did like Allyson, even if it was after one day.
"Come on, you know what I'm talking about" She scoffed. "You looked like you'd do anything for her, like she's the only thing that mattered in the world"
"Really? Was I that bad?" I sighed finally giving up.
"Oh so now you admit it" She smirked putting her hands on her hips.
"Shut up, who's her boyfriend?" I said forcefully walking down to her.
"She doesn't have one" I knew I looked like a fool because she just started cracking up laughing. She moved into the lounge room still laughing.
"What?!" I finally said sitting beside her.
"She doesn't have a boyfriend" Aimee stopped laughing and turned our widescreen tv on.
"But she said that her...boyfriend gave her the watch?" I stammered out.
"You didn't let her finish, she meant her ex-boyfriend" Aimee said putting the tv and turning to face me.
"How can she have an ex- after being here for less than four hours?!" I shouted confused and slightly relieved that Allyson was avaliable.
"Am I seriously related to you?" Aimee gave me a serious look, we had this daily conversation but it was all fun and games.
I gave her the look that I told her I was serious, she rolled her eyes at me again, was I missing something?
"Her boyfriend ....ex-boyfriend was from Australia, they had to break up when she moved here" It all started to make sense, of course she wouldn't have a boyfriend after 4 hours...even though she probably could get one if she wanted too.
"I get it now" I said feeling pretty stupid with myself.
"And how are you the top of all your class?" She asked with disbelief.
"Because I'm awesome that's why" I smuggly replied.
"Hmm...yea" She sarcastically responded.
I ignored her and went to my room, I laid on my bed and thought about it. I stared at the ceiling for what seemed like hours, the only thing in my mind was her, Allyson. Did she like me? Did I even have a chance with her? This is frustrating. I moved my body facing outside towards my balcony.
I laid there looking at the same spot, till something started moving. I sat up and watched as this young girl, was moving boxes around and unpacking them. Hm, must be a new neighbour...wait...the only new person in our street was Allyson and her mom. And I'm pretty sure that her mom wouldn't be wearing an All Time Low shirt and shorts.
It was Allyson...
She gave a whole new definition to 'Girl Next Door'


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