Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chapter 4

I stared open mouthed at Allyson who still hadn't noticed me. She put on her music and was still unpacking, and every once in a while she'd just sing to the song and not do anything else. I smiled, from the way she was singing, she sounded amazing. Then she did the cutest thing, she started dancing to a song and letting lose, I laughed, it was so adorable. Allyson had her back to me, most of the time, which was good. It meant that she didn't know I was watching her. Oh my gosh, I'm a stalker, I'm watching her right now, what is wrong with me? She turned around, oh crap, she looked up and saw me there. This is while I'm trying to dying to get to the other side of the bed. Crap, I'm in trouble, she saw me, she's gonna think I'm a freak.
A few moments later, I heard our doorbell ringing, it was Allyson, I know it.
Then I heard Aimee and Allyson talking.
"Allyson, what are you doing here?" I heard Aimee say.
"I just wanna know why your brother is watching me from his bedroom" Allyson said sounding calm.
"He was?!" Aimee said surprised.
"Yea, well I'm pretty sure he was, unless you have another brother that looks exactly the same" She joked, she doesn't sound angry or maybe that's just her nature.
"Joe's such a freak" I heard Aimee say. Wow, I'm glad my sister thinks that of me.
"Don't be mean" Allyson said, at least someone defends me.
"It's hard to when it's so easy" Aimee replied. "Let's go see your little stalker"
Oh crap, oh crap, they're gonna come up now.
"No, it's fine, I have to help with dinner now anyways" Allyson said "I'll see you around"
"Bye" Aimee said.
Phew, no ones gonna come up here.
"What the heck are you doing spying on Allyson!?" Aimee yelled as she viciously opened my door.
Spoke to soon. "I didn't mean to, I just saw her there then she saw me"
"Whatever you say" Aimee said rolling her eyes at me then slamming my door shut.
I laid down on my bed once again, this has been one crazy day.
My phone started ringing, I sighed then picked it up. "Yo, It's Joe"
"Dude! Guess what?" Kevin shouted through the phone.
"What?" I said with a plain tone.
"Nick's back" I literally dropped my phone, my best friend, besides Kevin is back.
"Hello? Joe? Are you there?" Kevin's muffled voice said through the phone.
I picked it up "Are you serious?" Nick told Kevin and I that he wanted to live with his parents. That probably doesn't make sense but Nick always lived with his grandmother, while his parents moved to different places all the time, only coming home for holidays. He hated it, he missed them so much, so then he just tells us, I'm gonna live with my parents now. And that's where he's been since...I don't know how long. Nick's mom hired a tutor so he could be home schooled and everything. I missed him, and it was hard on Aimee because he was practically in love with him, she didn't actually tell me, but I knew.
"Yes, I'm serious" Kevin said, in a convincing tone.
"How did you find out?" I asked with curiosity.
"I don't know...maybe it's because he's my cousin!" Kevin said with sarcasm leaking out of his voice. Oh yea, forgot to mention, Kevin and Nick are cousins.
"So he's gonna come to school on the first day back?" I asked with hope.
"Yep" Kevin simply said. "I gotta go now, having a big family dinner since Nick and his parents are here for good"
" Nick and his parents are living here now?" I asked, his parents were big corporate executives like my parents and Kevin's, but Nick's parents owned companies all over the world so that's why they always traveled a lot.
"Yea, apparently they have people who check back to them during the day" Kevin replied.
"Why didn't they just do that in the first place?" I asked, it makes sense, it would have been a whole lot easier on Nick.
"They didn't trust anyone enough" Kevin responded "Look, I really gotta go, see you on Monday"
"Bye" I said hanging up on him.
Wow, Nick's back.
I laid down on my bed again and faced the balcony, maybe if I focus hard enough, Allyson will come out. I closed my eyes and then opened them after a few seconds and to my surprise she was there, closing her door. Who knew I had psychic abilities?
She turned around and saw me looking, wow, if I was a stalker, I'm really bad at it...but I'm not, so it's all good.
"Hey Joe" She called out from the edge of her balcony.
I smiled, she doesn't think I'm weird at all. Well maybe she does and doesn't care. I stood up and made my way to my balcony.
"Hi" I replied, is that really the best I can come up with?
"I thought you had to go help with dinner?" I said remembering her conversation with Aimee.
"So besides being a stalker, you're a eavesdropper too" That hurt, but it was kinda true. I glanced up at her, which didn't seem that far and saw her smile dropped.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you I was just joking and it was really rude of me to say that, I'm so sorry" She mumbled on, looking at her hands, I couldn't help but smile, I was the one watching her and listening to her conversation with my sister and she's apologizing.
"No it's okay, I should say sorry, I was being the creepy one" I can't myself look any stupider, can I? You don't say you're creepy, it's not right. And this is where most girls would give me a weird look and shut there doors but Allyson didn't, she gave me a soft smile and sat on the ground of her balcony looking up at the stars.
"Everyone's a bit weird, I know" She took her eyes off the stars for a moment then gave me a small smile.
I mirrored her actions and sat down as well, it was almost like we were right next to each other.
"Do you like it here?" I said breaking the comfortable silence that engulfed us.
"Yea, it's really nice..."
"But..." There's always a but when it comes to these things.
"I miss my friends and everything" She sighed, looking down at the ground below her.
"Don't you know not to look down when you're up high" I said watching her dangle her arm over the edge of her balcony.
"I don't mind, it's nice seeing things from a different point of view" She said giving me another smile, I could get use to this.
I put my arm like she did hers, she was about 4 feet away, I bet if we reached out our hands we'd be able to reach each other.
"Hey, put your arm as far as you can towards me"I instructed.
"Why?" She asked with a confused face.
"Just do it" I replied.
She laughed "Nike, Just do it"
She put out her hand towards me and I put mine as far as I could go. I smiled when I held her hand mine, intertwining our fingers together.
"And what was the point in that?" She asked curiously.
"Well..." Okay, I don't really have a reason, I just thought it'd be cool...and I don't really mind holding her hand like this.
"If we're meant to be friends" or anything more "we'd reach each other, but if not, then we're arch nemesis" I said in a ninja style way.
"Well we can hold hands, so we're like best friends" She said playing along.
"Yea, must be" I smiled happily back.
She glanced back to the dark sky, I looked up and looked at all the stars. In that second, a shooting star came past.
"Make a wish!" Allyson said closing her eyes tightly, whispering something.
I closed my eyes and made a wish. I wish that Allyson and I could be together.

And they were, it was like, as that shooting star came, both Allyson and Joe's souls intertwining together, tied together always and forever.

THAT WAS SO CHEESY XD till next time...xx

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