Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chapter 2

We took Allyson to this little beach hiding spot, where it was always so peaceful. No one else knew about it but Joe and I. I was a bit hesitant to show her but we were already half way there and I couldn't just say no. It was a good idea in the end, Allyson was really nice and interesting, I could see her as friend in the future.
I walked slowly as we reached some of the rocks that paved the way to the hiding spot. Every few moments I'd take random photos of Joe and Allyson as I watched how they interacted with each other. It was so sweet, so innocent how he held her hands helping her around the rocks. It reminded me of Nick and I. But I hadn't seen him since I was about 10 and he moved away. The thing that ticked me off the most is he didn't tell me. I only found out because I asked our teacher and she said "He moved away...didn't he tell you?" Now that hurt, finding out the only boy I've liked just moved.
"Hurry up!" Joe yelled looking at me as I stared into space.
I quickly walked over to where they were and sat in the sand, taking photos of Joe and Allyson once again. It was obvious Joe liked her, I just knew these things about my brother. We were close and I knew by the time we got home, he'd blabber on about her and deny that he liked her.
"What are you thinking about?" Allyson asked taking a spot next to me.
"Just random stuff" I replied shrugging. "Where's Joe?"
"Counting" she giggled. "I told him we'd play hide and seek and to count to 1000"
"And he actually believed you?!" Wow, my brother's stupider than I thought.
Allyson laughed again leaning back into the sand. "I was joking...but then he just started counting so..."
"Well...that's Joe for you" I rolled my eyes.
"Yea" She agreed, sitting up. "Can I look at your camera?"
"Oh yea sure" I said lazily passing her the camera.
"Oh my gosh, delete these!" Allyson exclaimed looking at the photos of her and Joe.
"But you two look so good together!" I replied.
She smiled hearing this. "Ok fine, you can keep 'em if you become my best friend"
"That was easy" I smiled back. "It's a deal"
"Okay bestie" She smiled proudly.
"Allyson! Aimee!" Joe shouted huffing over to us. "I've been looking everywhere for you"
"Thus the term 'seek' in 'hide and seek' Joe" I sarcastically replied at my brother. For someone who gets A's in almost everything, he is a bit thick...well maybe Allyson's the one doing that to him.
"Thus the term 'seek' in 'hide and seek' Joe" Joe repeated my line with a mocking voice.
"Shut up!" I shouted back.
"Shut up!" He said mimicking me.
"Am I really related to you?" I snapped.
"No, you're adopted" Joe smiled "They thought it would be fun to have you around...they were wrong"
I was just about to shoot another comeback at Joe until I heard laughing from behind me. My eyes, including Joe's, averted to Allyson who was laughing her head off at the two of us.
"Man, you too are funny" She sat up, wiping a tear of laughter from her face.
Joe's face lit up wen he saw her like this "I'm the funny one, Aimee's the boring, non-cool, anti-social..."
"Shut up Joe! We have the same friends" I retorted.
"Hey, it's getting a bit late, I still have to help my mom with the move and everything" Allyson said checking her watch.
"I like your watch, where did you get it?" I asked staring at the gold watch.
"I don't know, my boyfriend got it for me" She sighed, I could see in the corner of my eye, Joe's stiff expression as she said 'boyfriend'
"We should get going" Joe blankly replied already going through the rocks without helping Allyson at all.
"What's his problem?" Allyson whispered with concern in her voice.
"I'll tell you later" I nodded as we scrambled over the rocks.
I could faintly hear some angry words aimed at no one ... or well at least I thought.
Someone's jealous...

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